SF ENVIRONMENTAL –  Evo Screen Siphon Refill Pack

SF ENVIRONMENTAL – Evo Screen Siphon Refill Pack

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SF Evo Refill kit for Waterless Urinals with SF Environmental Waterless Urinal Siphon

The SF EVO Refill Kit urinal mat is your opportunity to save money with getting one more LiveCycle out of your existing waterless urinal trap. It offers significant splash protection and is scented for at least 30 days. Due to the noticeable reduction in splashes, dirt in the urinal and in the vicinity of the urinal is eliminated and the formation of odors is thus counteracted.

The EvoScreen not only prevents possible blockages in the sewage pipe, but also protects the sewage pipes thanks to the integrated 10% enzyme-containing 45 grams Urinal Block.


But what exactly happens?

Urine is usually odorless, but bacteria that grow around the urinal break down the substances in the urine and cause odors. This scent is a strong ammonia scent. Urine scale is caused by a chemical reaction of hard water (usually the dishwashing water) with the urine. Limescale dissolved in the water and other dissolved substances combine with the urine and uric acid as a catalyst to form an insoluble lime-magnesia compound.

The integrated EvoTab contains 10%, 5 billion CFU/gram dendritic salt. The perfect solution for cleaning and maintaining urinals. Acid-forming microorganisms lower the pH value and prevent the insoluble lime-magnesia compound from forming in the first place. The EvoTab prevents accumulation in continuous use. The odors caused by the bacteria are completely broken down by the natural bacteria in the EvoTab. As a result, the negative odor cannot develop at all.

Thanks to the odor concentrate contained in the EvoTab, the washroom is deodorized throughout its entire service life.

The advantages of the EvoTab:

  • It keeps the lines clean and prevents the formation of scale.
  • Long-term use
  • Non-irritating, PH – neutral
  • Environmentally friendly
  • The service life of the odor traps in waterless urinals is significantly extended

The design of the EvoScreen eliminates unhygienic and odorous urine splashes in the urinal area. Likewise, the washroom is deodorized for at least 30 days. The sieve function completely prevents the drain from being blocked by waste thrown in (cloth scraps, paper, chewing gum,…).

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