Image of Green Drain inline floor drain
Image of Green Drain going into floor drain
Infographic for Green Drain sizes and flow rates

Green Drain GD3 & GD4

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Lets Water Drain, Stops Pathogens Like Covid in Their Tracks

  • Compatible with all 3 & 4" floor drains and floor drain strainers
  • One way valve means water can drain, while pests, harmful gases, and disease-causing pathogens are prevented from re-entering 
  • Wide range of drainage applications: Outdoor, shower, basement, HVAC and ice machine condensation, maintenance areas, floor sinks, residential bathrooms, kitchen sinks, laundry rooms & more
  • Our clients love green drain: This product benefits their businesses, schools, office buildings & more 
  • Heavy-duty construction means less hassle down the road
  • Widely Recommended: Plumbers, distributors, and retailers recognize the quality and view this product as the leader of its class
  • Compliance with IAPMO and ASSE regulations

Green Drain Means Less Frequent Cleaning with Harsh Chemicals

  • Traditional cleaning chemicals for bathrooms and plumbing systems are extremely acidic or basic in nature
  • These products are typically used in high concentrations
  • Can cause severe burns to eyes, nose, throat and lungs
  • Most chemical agents are destructive to plumbing fixtures over time
  • Most importantly, the toxic nature of these chemicals is horrible for our environment

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